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There has been “Radio Silence" from the Ad-Hoc Parade Headquarters at QU (Hamden, CT) pertaining to the results of the Board of Officers election at the June 7, 2017 Parade Board meeting.

Apparently, the BOD elections did not go the way that Dr. Lahey wanted.  

Lahey's, "preferred candidates" Sean Lane and Hilary Beirne did not get the "rubber stamp" from their fellow board members.

Sources have stated that Lahey, Hillary and Sean were very upset that their dreams were thwarted. 

Dr. Lahey using the Soviet style leadership playbook change the outcome of the election 4 days later.  

(If you don't believe us please read the documents above in Lahey and Lane's Legal Troubles section.)


Board Member Brendan Lynch filed a complaint against Dr. Lahey and Sean Lane over the Board of Directors (officers) election.  Brendan Lynch won the election and was announced the winner by the secretary. Dr. Lahey, who at the beginning of the meeting said that proxy votes would not be used, announced 5 days later through a memo that he was using proxy votes to overturn the election.

Please read the following documents below. 

$328,000 IN LEGAL FEES SINCE 2015




           FY 6-30-15 to FY 6-30-16?

            FY 6-30-16 to FY 6-30-17?         


Parade Rumor Control 8/31/17

The Parade Board of Director’s Meeting 8/29/17.

No discussion was held at all about the recent Board of Director’s Election back in June.

Quick recap: Lahey’s hand picked cronies (Hillary Beirne and Sean Lane) both lost in humiliating fashion.

A few days later Lahey, invalidated the results and according to his memo dated 6/13/17 to the Board of Director’s he basically said we don’t need elections.

FYI Hillary and Sean Lane’s humiliating defeat along with their vile threats and disparaging comments toward their fellow board members never really happened.
- - -
Board of Directors appointments

Jimmy Lombard
Sean Kelleher (Parade Foundation)
Sean McGooey (Parade Foundation)

Note: Jimmy Lombard, is well known in UIC, Knights of Saint Patrick, AOH and the NYC Irish Community. He’s a real Parade worker and has served in many roles over the years. His late wife Rosemary, was the Parade Treasurer.

The “stacking” of the deck continues with two more “Parade Foundation” members. Both Sean’s have no actual operational Parade Committee experience but are said to be nice fellows.
- - -
By Law Changes:
For the past two years Lahey, has said the Parade Committee election in 2015 was not valid because the candidates were not approved by him or the Board. Later on he recognized the Parade Committee then he changed his mind again.

In order to remedy that The Parade Committee Chairman and its members will no longer stand for election by the affiliated organizations. It will be totally appointed by Dr. Lahey and his self elected Board Members.

The Parade Committee days are numbered anyway because the 04 seat offer to the UIC, Emeralds, AOH, LAOH virtually guarantees its elimination.

PS: Lahey, gets to approve each individual from the umbrella groups.
- - -
Proxy Voting:
Last night Lahey, once again utilized proxy votes.

Proxy voting is not supposed to be used while conducting NYS Non- Profits Corporation business.

Lahey also refused to let Board Member Eillen Barker “call in” for the meeting. Lahey stated “the meeting is for members here at the meeting”.  Interesting that he doesn’t have the same standards when it comes to the use of proxy voting.
- - -
Lahey was asked for a financial report and refused to produce one. That’s right he refused to produce a financial report. Wondering if “super sleuth” Hillary Beirne will contact his friends in the NYS AG office to investigate?

Grand Marshal 2018 prediction
Loretta Brennan Glucksman because Lahey “selected” her.

Mae O’Driscoll from UIC was also mentioned and Lahey immediately stated I select the Grand Marshal not the Board.

Dear Hillary,

At the October 16, 2017 Parade Delegates meeting at Cathedral HS during the Q-A you said you haven't received your copy of the latest Parade Financial Statement.                                                

Please download a copy and share with your friends.


Did you know that esteemed Irish-American attorney Brian O'Dwyer submitted a propsal on June 13, 2017 to mediate the Dunleavy lawsuit? 

The propsal was never discussed at the 8/29/17 Board of Directors meeting.

Lahey's QU secretary rejected it! 


 A lesson in GAAP and GOOD GOVERANCE

Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and Good Governance are key words in the John Lahey and Hillary Beirne led hostile takeover of the Parade from the 180 strong affiliated organizations.

It seems that Lahey, Hillary and newest neophyte Sean Lane do not practice what they preach when it comes to the Parade and the Parade Foundation.

Saint Patrick's Day Parade Inc Financials June 30, 2014 and June 30, 2015
Section 9 Related Party Transactions (page 10)

Saint Patrick’s Day Foundation, NYC (the “Foundation”), a New York nonprofit corporation, was formed in order to support the Parade and to celebrate the contributions of the Irish to American society, with student scholarships, educational initiatives, publications and an ambitious year-round program of social and cultural events. The Parade is the sole member of the Foundation. The Parade does not have a financial interest in, or financial or current voting control over the Foundation.

U.S. GAAP requires a not-for-profit organization (the “parent”) to consolidate another not-for- profit organization (the “subsidiary”) when the parent is the sole corporate member of the subsidiary. The Board of Directors of the Parade believes that, because the Parade does not provide financial support to or exercise control over the Foundation, and because the Parade does not have any financial obligations resulting from its sole membership in the Foundation, consolidation of the Foundation would distort the financial statements of the Parade, which are intended to provide information about the Parade to the users of those financial statements.

Accordingly, the Parade has elected not to consolidate the Foundation as required by U.S. GAAP.

The Parade received a contribution from the Foundation in the amount of $30,000 during the year ended June 30, 2015 and is included in contributions in the statements of activities.

March 17, 2016 Irish Voice
The foundation maintains that the parade is deserving of a proper, full time staff headed by an executive director who can take the lead in growing the parade’s footprint. The future goal is to have a multi-million dollar endowment to help fund the parade’s operational expenses, and to have the march become an even larger presence in Irish America.

“For example, we don’t have proper merchandising which a parade the size of New York should have,” said Lane. “That’s one thing we can work on. The parade is so busy and gets so many requests year round. It would be great to be in a position to respond.”


(9) Parade Board of Directors are also serving on the Foundation Board of Directors.

Dr. John Lahey
Hillary Beirne
Sean Lane
John Dunleavy
Frank Comerford
Dennis Kelleher
Sean Kelleher
Sean McGooey
Tim Rooney

Hillary Beirne and Sean Lane are both in leadership roles in the Parade and Foundation. Sean Lane maybe not for long with Brendan Lynch's lawsuit pending.

Why doesn’t the Parade and Foundation consolidate?

The Foundation finally held a scholarship process in 2017 and the deadline for all applications was 4/17/17.  As of today 10/23/17 no formal announcement has been made.  Contact Catherine Tully Muscente, co-chair, at  paradescholarship@molloy.edu (please note there were NO parade scholarships distributed in 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016).

Where are the Foundation's IRS 990'S?  (update 10/26/17 we added them below)

(Read the 3/16/16 Irish Voice article.)

     NON-PROFIT BOARD OF DIRECTORS:                                                                                   THE LEGAL BASIS FOR GOOD GOVERNANCE.

                          GOVERNANCE.....Dr. Lahey and Hillary's favorite word.......

Dear Affiliated Organization;
New York St. Patrick’s Day Parade & Celebration Committee
The St. Patrick's Day Parade and Celebration Committee will hold the biennial meeting of the Affiliated Organizations on November 30, 2017 at 7:00 p.m. The meeting will take place at Cathedral High School, 350 East 56th Street. The purpose of the meeting is to elect the St. Patrick's Day Parade and Celebration Committee for 2018-2019.

The governance of the New York St. Patrick’s Day Parade has always included a democratic process inclusive of the affiliate organizations it represents. This was legally enshrined in 1993 when the Parade Committee established the Parade Corporation adopting the by-laws which preserved an elected Committee.

At the last biennial meeting held on November 30, 2015 in accordance with the by-laws of the St. Patrick's Day Parade Corporation, the Affiliated Organizations elected your current Committee. Since that election, we have lost a dearly loved and respected member of our Committee and the Treasurer of the Parade, Rosemary Lombard. The Board refused to recognize the duly elected Committee. A number of lawsuits have been filed against the Parade Corporation by members of the Parade Board. There have been contradictory offers of Board seats to some Affiliated Organizations and questions about the governance of the Parade continue to swirl.

One thing remains clear. For the past quarter century, delegates of the Affiliated Organizations have met every two years to elect a Committee; the St. Patrick's Day Parade and Celebration Committee, for the purpose of conducting the New York City St. Patrick's Day Parade on behalf of the St. Patrick's Day Parade Corporation. This process long predates the Corporation, and has been consistent throughout this parades history.

It is that time again. We urge you to be included in the democratic process of preserving the 257 year legacy that began in 1762. Please send your 2 delegates to the meeting so we will have a Committee in place ready to serve our Parade for the next two years. If your 2 delegates cannot attend, please send your 2 alternates. See you on November 30th.

“May the Spirit of St. Patrick Bless You & Guide You”


John F. Tully, Chairman            Denis McCarthy, Corresponding Secretary

(Download the Meeting Notice below)



Renown Legal Scholar and Quinnipiac University spokesman



From:             St. Patrick’s Day Parade, Inc. nycstpatricksparade.org             
Contact:         Pat Smith / 212-843-8026 / psmith@rubenstein.com

For Immediate Release
Bronx State Supreme Court Judge Robert Johnson has denied all of John Dunleavy’s motions to set aside all of the actions of the  New York City St. Patrick’s Day Board of Directors since its June 30, 2015, meeting, dealing a major setback to a costly and divisive lawsuit.
The June 7thruling by Judge Johnson means all Board actions taken since John Lahey was elected Chairman on June 30, 2015, including allowing LGBT groups to march in the St. Patrick’s Day

Parade and reforming the board’s bylaws, stand.
“Plaintiff has failed to demonstrate entitlement to injunctive relief,” the ruling says, noting, “the plaintiff is required to demonstrate the likelihood of ultimate success on the merits of his claim.”    
As he announced one year ago, Lahey is stepping down as Chairman effective June 30, 2018.  Sean Lane, who has played a critical role raising funds for the parade, was elected Chairman, effective July 1, 2018.  Ryan Hanlon was elected Vice Chairman.
            “The dedicated members of the St. Patrick’s Day Parade Board of Directors are very proud of what we’ve accomplished under John Lahey’s leadership,” Lane said.
“We have made the parade more inclusive and ended a threat to the very survival of the parade.  We have reformed our bylaws to bring them into compliance with state and federal regulations. 

We have put the parade on a sound financial footing.
“We look forward to working with all the Affiliated Organizations, and all Irish-Americans, to expanding our scholarships and other programs which commemorate our faith, our values and our Irish culture.

“We look forward to a time when our resources go to scholarships and other programs, and not to legal bills.”

Statement from Francis X. Young, Esq. On the Order of Judge Robert JohnsonFxyounglawny@aol.com / 914-285-1500

For Immediate Release


Mr. Dunleavy and I are thrilled that Judge Johnson finally issued his order denying Dr.Lahey’s second motion to dismiss because it is “clear that issues of fact exist regarding whetherdefendants engaged in impermissible behavior.” Contrary to the statement issued by Dr. Lahey’shighly paid public relations consultant for Quinnipiac University Pat Smith, the decision by Judge Johnson is not a major setback for Mr. Dunleavy at all. Judge Johnson ruled that Mr. Dunleavy’s “pleadings adequately state a cause of action based upon Lahey and Comerford’sbreach of their fiduciary duty.”

Judge Johnson simply noted that our motions for declaratory judgement were“premature” and that there are “key facts in dispute” regarding the actions taken by the Board since June 2015 which prevent him from issuing a preliminary injunction. This only means that the key facts in dispute regarding the actions taken by Dr. Lahey and the Board will eventually be examined by a jury and in no way is a vindication of their actions for the past three years. In reality, this decision finally gives us the opportunity after waiting for three long years to cross- examine Dr. Lahey, Francis Comerford and other individuals under oath to expose their lies and transgressions on how they violated their fiduciary duties to the Corporation in pursuit of their own personal interests.

While Pat Smith claims that the Board of Directors “are very proud of what they’ve accomplished under Dr. Lahey’s leadership,” they should keep in mind that the illegal and unethical governance of the Parade Corporation by Dr. Lahey, Mr. Comerford and others are the subject of two lawsuits. They would do well to read the recent report issued by the respected law firm of Perlman & Perlman which wrote that several practices of the Parade Board “runs afoul of applicable law” and that several Board members are already at “risk for breaching their fiduciary duty of care.” We look forward to cross-examining Dr. Lahey and the other members of the Board under oath regarding these repeated violations of their fiduciary duties to the Corporation.


JUNE 11, 2018